Co-working in the Bernese Oberland

A full-page report on co-working during Corona has been published in the Bernese Oberland. The Haslital platform is of course also prominently represented.


Second edition of the Repair Café Haslital

Patch instead of throwing away! That is the motto in the Repair Café of the Haslital platform - and this for the second time. On October 17, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., dedicated and talented volunteers will repair all kinds of objects that are broken or no longer work properly. Due to the corona pandemic, this time the event will not take place in the location of the Haslital platform, but in the tram hall in Meiringen. Coffee and cake are also provided.

For the second time, the Haslital cooperative will be involved in Swiss Repair Day on October 17, 2020. This is an initiative of the Consumer Protection Foundation and is taking place for the fifth time this year. An important aspect of the Repair Cafés is sustainability: What works again is still needed and does not end up in the trash. This saves resources and money. Around 100 items were repaired in autumn 2019 at the first Repair Café in Meiringen - a complete success.

Motivated, volunteer repairers
The organizers of the Repair Café Haslital, Marco Liechti and Marcel Schwaiger, were once again able to convince committed repairers who volunteer to help mending objects for a day. Be it a pair of trousers with a hole, a toy train that no longer runs or a Bäbi who is missing an arm, the volunteer flickers take on all kinds of objects. And the success rate is impressive at around 90 percent last year. Electronic and electrical devices, textiles, wooden goods and toys can be patched. A 3D printer is also available, which has already provided good service for repairs. Spare parts can be partially restored in this way. If you have to wait or want to take a little break, you can have a coffee and eat cake in the tram hall.

And then to the cinema
After the Repair Café Haslital, production and consumption are also an issue in the Meiringen cinema.
In cooperation with the Friends of Cinema Meiringen, those interested can watch the film "Walden" on the said Saturday at 5 pm. In the film by Swiss producer Daniel Zimmermann, production realities are twisted. A tree from a forest in Austria is processed into thousands of wooden slats and then transported to the Brazilian rainforest. Zimmermann also questions the mechanisms of the globalized economy. The film will be shown again on Monday, October 20th at 8 p.m.

Marcel Schwaiger, repaircafe@, 079 758 85 33


Repair Café and panel discussion on combat aircraft

Dear platformers, dear partners, interested parties

We would be happy to send you some reading material from the platform - because we’ve done a lot!

But first we would like to remind you: get ready the lamp that has stopped working, the chair that wobbles or the pants that have always been too long. Soon there will be another opportunity to repair or adjust all of these things: in the second Repair-Café Haslital. We look forward to numerous visitors and would like it if you could do some word-of-mouth for us! Many Thanks!

Note: This year, due to the Corona situation, we are repairing with a lot of space and air in the tram hall instead of - as last time - in the platform.

"More work-life balance in the future"
That was exactly what it was Title of an article about the Haslital platform in the Jungfrau Zeitung. In it, the journalist Nora Devenish showed that modern work infrastructures are attractive and important for locals and contribute positively to regional development. As the article describes, contemporary work opportunities such as those offered by co-working spaces are also an argument for newcomers to choose the Haslital.

Premiere: panel discussion on the draft of a vote on combat aircraft
Not voted yet? Not sure what yours when submitting "Federal resolution on the procurement of new combat aircraft" should throw in the urn and what does a yes or no mean for the Oberhasli? Then it's worth it to watch the panel debate on this very issue online. Die Plattform hat erstmals ein Anlass dieser Art organisiert, die Jungfrau Zeitung hat aufgezeichnet und moderiert. Schliesslich haben sich am 11. September rund 30 Interessierte in der Aula des Schulhaus Kapellen in Meiringen eingefunden, um die — teils emotionalen — Voten der Podiumsteilnehmenden mitzuverfolgen. Der Betriebsgruppe war wichtig, als Plattform dem Anspruch einer Plattform auch gerecht zu werden. Sprich: Es sollte sowohl die pro, als auch die contra Seite gleichermassen berücksichtigt werden und zu Wort kommen. Die Premiere ist unseres Erachtens gelungen und wer lieber liest, statt schaut, für den oder die gibt's here the discussion is summarized in one article.

Cooperative meeting #1 successfully carried out
And finally this: Due to the corona, the Haslital platform held its first general meeting of members of the cooperative on September 10, 2020 with a little delay. If you would like to see the annual report, you can send us a short message to or we will shortly be able to download it from our website.

Suffice it to say: We'll keep going:)

Kind regards, the platform company group

Questions or suggestions? info@ or 033 553 41 09


The platform in the Jungfrau newspaper

We recently received a visit from the Jungfrau Zeitung. Topic: New, flexible forms of work and offers such as the Haslital platform enable other life plans. Much will be different than before, much will be possible. So much that even city residents of Zurich take heart and decide to move to Hasli - which of course we understand only too well 😉


Panel discussion on combat aircraft

On the occasion of the vote on September 27, the Haslital platform is organizing a panel discussion in the Aula Meiringen on Friday, September 11, 2020 at 7 p.m. Opponents and supporters of the procurement of new combat aircraft will discuss together under the moderation of Matthias Mast (Platform Jungfrau Zeitung).


The summer newsletter

Dear platformers, dear partners, interested parties

We would be happy to send you some summer reading on vacation.

"Flexible forms of work - an opportunity for rural areas?" Asks "regioS", the magazine for regional development, which appears in print and online every six months. We mean very clearly: "Yes, flexible forms of work are an opportunity!" and got us over for the detailed reporting in the magazine and about that Portrait of the platform happy. According to a survey by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) there are now fifty coworking spaces in rural areas that are used regularly by 2,500 people. And: coworking spaces can even become the "nucleus of village development". The exciting articles on the opportunities of working anywhere in different rural regions of Switzerland in the new «regioS» magazine. Have a look!

Copyright: Regiosuisse / Priska Ketterer

Platformers Profiles - please fill in!

Around ten people now work regularly on the platform, and there are also individual guests who stop by irregularly or spontaneously. The platform is a coworking space, but we also hope that the people who are on site can exchange ideas, discuss and, whenever possible, inspire and support each other. To make it easier to get to know each other and exchange ideas, we have created a nice poster wall in the A5. Some profiles are already hanging and we ask the other platters to fill out their profile, take a photo and pin the whole thing on the wall. Thank you so much!

All those who do not regularly come to the platform are of course also invited to take a closer look at the platformers, or at least their profiles. The A5 is open to everyone - including coffee!

New guest in the platform shop window: Natirli!

Viele von euch haben sie sicherlich bereits im Plattform Schaufenster gesehen: Die bunten Plakate mit verschiedenen Porträts und der Aufschrift «Natirli». Sie stehen für die neue Kampagne des Standortmarketings & Regionalentwicklung Region Haslital Brienz. Ziel der Kampagne ist es, die Leute im Hasli und darüber hinaus zum Einkaufen vor Ort zu animieren, in Erinnerung zu rufen, welche Wirtschaftsleistung die Unternehmen für die Region erbringen und wie viele Arbeitsplätze die Geschäfte und Unternehmen für die einheimische Bevölkerung schaffen. Wer mag, kann den Wettbewerbstalon ausfüllen und einen Gutschein im Wert von 500.- Franken gewinnen. Die Aktion «Natirli» ist übrigens auch auf Facebook.

Listening tip: Talk to the Alpine researcher Werner Bätzing about the opportunities in the country

Rural life is an endangered way of life, says at least the well-known and now emeritus professor of cultural geography, Werner Bätzing, in an interview with SRF 2. With creativity and political will, however, a U-turn is possible for the rural regions, Bätzing finds and presents key ideas for an upgrade of country life. The platform listening tip for August.

Officially free

The company groups are still looking for someone who can take on the “maintenance” department and who would like to get involved in the platform. If you are interested and have some technical skills, sign up info@ We're glad!

Kind regards, the platform company group

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June Newsletter

Dear platformers, dear partners, interested parties

Holidays and excursions are slowly but surely again within reach. The current guest is just right in our shop window. It is the first ecocapsule in Switzerland.

It will be available in Guttannen from summer 2020. In the «Ecocapsule» you can cook, sleep and live and it supplies itself completely with electricity and water, making it a so-called self-sufficient mini-home. You can rent the «Ecocapsule» and it can accommodate one or two people. The project was initiated by the “Guttannen moves” association. Welcome to the showcase of the Haslital platform!

Haslital platform now on social media
After around a year of operation, we have now set up two social media channels at the Haslital platform. This way we can inform all interested parties about our projects, events and other current content. For the start we decided to make an appearance on the platform Facebook and up Twitter decided. We are of course happy to receive likes, comments and suggestions from our community!

Update Covid-19 and platform
Because of the corona pandemic, the platform has been closed to the public for the past few weeks. Active platformers were only allowed to be on site five at a time. We will be discussing at the plant group meeting this week what to do after the easing measures announced by the Federal Council. Of course we will keep you up to date.

Recommended reading
What development does the Swiss population want for the mountain areas? The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO has carried out a representative survey. The conclusion: The majority of the respondents want the mountain areas to develop well. Central to this is the quality of life for families and corresponding offers, as well as better access to traffic. The Regiosuisse platform has one Summary of the study published.


Best regards and a good week,

the platform operations group

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Support local businesses

The corona virus threatens the existence of many shops and service companies. Continue to support local businesses. Show solidarity so that your favorite shop can open its doors again even after the crisis.

You can do that:

  • Buy vouchers or make a donation
  • Use the local delivery service or the pick-up service, whether for the bouquet or dinner
  • Make someone happy: give a small gift or a voucher from a local provider
  • For business: join in on platforms like or, start crowdfunding (e.g.

Repair Café Haslital canceled

Due to the current situation, the Repair Café Haslital will not take place on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020.

The next date is Saturday, October 17th, 2020, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

So keep your broken items and bring them over in the fall.