Vision & principles

There is an inspiring, lively and democratic place in Meiringen, which sees itself as an open, agile platform for various uses. Here people from near and far come together to work efficiently, flexibly in terms of time, to exchange ideas, to support each other, to develop and implement concepts, to enjoy, to craft and to design. The place is also a useful meeting point and regional innovation laboratory. It works sustainably, draws and has a positive effect from the regional strengths, the wealth of ideas of the people and the strength of their cooperation. This creates a growing, well-connected “ecosystem” with ideal offers for the target groups targeted: a piece of small-town, alpine home with a future.


The Haslital platform is organized as a cooperative. It aims to establish, develop and promote a platform for work, encounter and exchange in Haslital, based on the three pillars of collaboration, meeting point and innovation. It provides the space, infrastructure and services required for this.



The foundations for the organization of the cooperative are laid down in the statutes. The organization consists of the general assembly and the administration (board of directors). The administration transfers the operational management to the operating group. All organs work on a voluntary basis.


become a member

You can become a member of the cooperative at any time and share the platform's vision. By purchasing a share of CHF 200.00, you set an example for the future and support our commitment financially and morally. As a member of the cooperative you benefit from special tariffs, are invited to events, expand your network and are part of a creative community of doers.

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Operating group

Without an operating group, nothing works on the platform: It is responsible for operating the platform in accordance with the cooperative's purpose. The members of the operating group usually meet once a month to clarify, organize and exchange information relevant to operations. If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with the contact person in the relevant department.


The board is the guardian of the vision and the purpose of the cooperative. He calls the annual general meeting and consists of the following people: