3D printer

A 3D printer is available on the platform.

Do you need a spare part or a replica? Come over or get in touch with us. We will help you for a small fee.

Exchange boutique

The platform now has an exchange boutique!

Everything that can be found in the exchange boutique can be taken away free of charge! Don't be an inhibitor! The purpose of the exchange boutique is that unused things find a new owner.
Bring great things that have been standing around unused in your home for a long time.
Marks them on the spot with a piece of paper and makes humorous advertising for them.


Looking for reinforcements!

To strengthen our operating group, we are looking for volunteers who want to get involved in the platform.

Konkret gesucht sind Personen für folgendes Ressort:

Furnishing / maintenance (design, repairs, new acquisitions)

The company group meets a maximum of once a month to exchange ideas and make important decisions together. Are you interested? Then register at +41 33 553 41 09 or by Mail. We would be happy to inform you more about the tasks within the individual departments.