Repair Café Haslital

The Haslital platform organizes a Repair Café twice a year together with committed, voluntary repairers and the support of the Consumer Protection Foundation. Textiles, electrical appliances, entertainment electronics, toys and much more are repaired.

The next dates:

Samstag, 16.Oktober 2021, 9-14 Uhr

Impressions from the first Repair Café Haslital

Come over and bring your broken items.


Seed good

The Haslital platform supports the young start-up company "GuggersGardenGreens". Micha Gugger plants the homemade raised beds with rare types of flowers and vegetables. The special floor structure also consists of woolen fleece from the wool kingdom. It is a contribution to the preservation of rare plant species as well as to the vitalization of the street area.


Platform jungle

The platform jungle is managed by the apprentices of the nursery Aebi AG. It is a seasonal exhibition and experiment room for office plants. These ensure the excellent working atmosphere on the platform. Many thanks to the nursery Aebi.


Salt & cheese

The first joint project of the Haslital platform combines innovative and inventive engineering with alpine farming production.

Cheese without diesel

The aim of the project is to produce as much cheese as possible as clean as possible. You will soon find out how it should work here.