We are celebrating a birthday!

Dear platformers, dear partners, interested parties

In fact, the Haslital platform is already one year old. It has been since the end of March 2019 opened and has been used briskly ever since. Cooperation-meeting point-innovation - the platform was launched under these keywords. Daniel Studer, member of the founding team and president of the cooperative, looks back with satisfaction on the first year, even though there is currently no real birthday party due to the corona pandemic. "We celebrate and are happy in silence," grins Dani. "And of course we're still very proud, we've already managed the first year with the platform."

Coworking works best
The strongest and most active mainstay of the platform was the coworking space in this first year. "We are satisfied with the development here," says Dani. «We have now issued annual subscriptions for ten working people. It is a good mix of self-employed and employees from start-ups, experienced companies and public administration. » Other people use the platform irregularly as a flexible workplace and Dani is confident that a few more platformers will be added. Foreigners who go on vacation in the Haslital also occasionally work on the platform. An ideal combination of work and leisure.

First public events held
The other two pillars, meeting point and innovation, are already having an impact. For example, there is one Exchange boutique in the platform, external people use the meeting and seminar rooms and have been with partners smaller projects initiated. The first events also took place, such as the street festival “up in the village” or the successful one 1. Repair café in the Haslital. The company group, which now consists of seven people, always comes up with good ideas on how these elements could be expanded in the platform, but sometimes not everything can be realized due to time constraints. But the goal is still to increase in the areas of meeting point and innovation.

Postponed cooperative meeting
Like so much these days, the meeting of the platform cooperatives is currently not possible. However, we will be happy to inform you about the further procedure if it is somewhat clearer how things will go in the coming weeks due to the Corona crisis.

Working on the platform and Covid-19
It is important to us to support the fight against Covid-19 and to comply with the requirements of the Federal Council. We therefore ask active platformers to work from home whenever possible. In addition, the number of people present is limited to a maximum of five people. Subscriptions or day passes are no longer issued for the time being. The platform is closed to the public until further notice.

As a test, additional study on the 1st floor
Also, but not only because of Corona, we rented an additional study of around 10 m2 on the first floor of the platform. This way, those who are still working on the platform can distribute themselves better. The room is also suitable for platformers who want to make calls or work in a very concentrated manner. You can also reserve this room accordingly in the Google Calendar.

2. Repair Café postponed from early May 2020
Patching instead of throwing away is the motto of the repair café. The café should have taken place for the second time on May 2nd, after the offer had been very well received last autumn. Due to the Corona crisis, the repair café is now postponed to autumn. We are happy if you collect numerous items that have to be repaired by then and then bring them over to the platform!

Do you want to get involved?
The platform is still looking for a company group member for the maintenance department. If you are interested and have some technical skills, sign up info@ platformhaslital.ch.
Kind regards, the platform operating group

Questions or suggestions? info@ platformhaslital.ch or 033 553 41 09